What tea does the royal family drink?

The royal family of England is known for their impeccable manners and love of tradition. Tea is no exception; the royal family has its own unique tea rituals that set them apart from other people in Britain. Let’s take a look at what kind of tea the royal family drinks, how they drink it, and some interesting facts about the history of royals and tea.

The Type of Tea Preferred by the Royals

The British royal family has been drinking tea for centuries, but what type do they prefer? Most commonly, the royal family drinks black teas such as Darjeeling or Assam. These are considered some of the finest teas on the market and are usually served with milk and sugar. For special occasions, like weddings or state visits, they may also enjoy a variety of other teas such as oolong or green tea.

How They Drink It

When it comes to how they drink their tea, there is a certain etiquette that must be followed. First, always pour for others before yourself. Secondly, always serve with milk first so that you can gauge how much to add based on personal preference. Lastly, never fill your cup all the way—leave room for cream if desired!

Interesting Facts About Royals & Tea

Did you know that Queen Victoria was an avid tea-drinker who preferred her favorite blend from India? She even wrote about her love for this particular type of tea in her journal! Another interesting fact is that Prince Charles enjoys drinking Chinese green teas such as Gunpowder Green Tea or Jasmine Pearls Green Tea due to their health benefits. Finally, King George III was known to consume up to five cups of strong Indian black tea per day! Talk about a serious caffeine addiction…


As you can see, there is a lot more to drinking tea like royalty than meets the eye! From choosing fine black teas such as Darjeeling or Assam to following proper etiquette when pouring and serving your guests – these simple tips will help anyone master their own version of high-tea fit for kings and queens alike! Whether you’re looking to channel your inner Queen Victoria or just want something special for your next gathering – make sure you follow in the footsteps of our beloved British royals and serve up some delicious (and properly brewed) tea!

What is the history of tea drinking among the royal family?

The British royal family has a long history of enjoying tea, and it is believed that Queen Victoria was one of the earliest advocates for this drink. Today, many members of the royal family enjoy different types of black teas such as Darjeeling or Assam, and they often follow certain etiquette guidelines when it comes to how they drink their tea

What are some of the unique traditions that the royal family follows when it comes to tea?

Some of the unique traditions that are commonly associated with the royal family include pouring and serving others before themselves, serving tea with milk first, and leaving some room in the cup for cream or sugar. Additionally, many members of the royal family have specific types of teas that they prefer, such as Chinese green teas like Gunpowder Green Tea or Jasmine Pearls Green Tea for their health benefits

How can I create a royal-inspired tea experience of my own at home?

To create a royal-inspired tea experience, start by choosing high-quality black teas like Darjeeling or Assam to brew. Then, follow proper etiquette guidelines when it comes to pouring and serving, and be sure to leave some room in your cup for cream or sugar if desired. Additionally, try incorporating some fun tea traditions, such as serving your guests with scones or biscuits and accessing or yourself on a royal teapot!

Does the Queen take milk in tea?

Yes, the Queen takes milk in tea. However, she might take it with lemon and sugar as well. She is known to have a sweet tooth, so she definitely makes sure that her drinks are nice and sweet before drinking them. Many people enjoy having sugar with their tea, but not all people do. Some people prefer having black tea without any additives. In fact, some people even prefer having their tea without any milk in it as well. However, there are other people who enjoy drinking their tea with both milk and sugar in it.

How does the Queen pour her tea?

The Queen typically pours her tea in a delicate and precise manner. She is very particular about the way that she pours her tea, as she wants to make sure that it is done properly every single time. Some people might simply pour their tea haphazardly or without much thought or care, but the Queen has a routine that she follows to ensure that her tea is always perfect. She might use a traditional teapot or she might use a modern pour-over method. No matter how she pours her tea, the end result is always beautifully brewed and delicious.

What is Kate Middleton’s favorite tea?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as Kate Middleton’s tastes in tea are likely quite varied. Some people speculate that she might enjoy a traditional English breakfast tea or Earl Grey, while others believe that she might prefer something lighter and more herbal, such as chamomile or mint. However, the one thing that seems clear is that Kate loves tea and will likely continue to enjoy a variety of different blends for years to come. Whether she is relaxing at home or traveling on official business, tea will always be an important part of her day.