What to wear for afternoon tea?

Afternoon tea is a beloved ritual that has been around since the 1840s. It’s an opportunity to get together with friends, family, or coworkers and enjoy a light meal of tea and pastries. While the food is an important part of afternoon tea, the attire you choose to wear can also be equally important! Here’s what you need to know about selecting the perfect outfit for your next afternoon tea gathering.

Dressy Casual Attire

When deciding what to wear for afternoon tea, it’s important to keep in mind that this type of event usually calls for dressy casual attire. That means you should avoid wearing overly casual clothes such as jeans or sweatpants and opt instead for a nice dress, skirt, or dress pants paired with a blouse or top. For women, cute flats or low heels are great options as they will add some style without making it too formal of an occasion. Men can opt for khakis and a collared shirt—a nice sweater over that would be even better!

Keep It Comfortable

In addition to keeping your attire dressy casual, it’s important to make sure you feel comfortable in whatever you choose to wear. Afternoon tea is typically a fairly laid-back event so make sure you pick something that makes you feel relaxed yet still looks put-together. Avoid wearing anything too tight or uncomfortable as it will take away from your enjoyment of the experience. With all this in mind, you can go ahead and have fun picking out your outfit!

Accessorize Wisely

Once you have chosen the pieces that make up your outfit, don’t forget to accessorize wisely! A great way to complete the look is by adding some statement accessories such as necklaces, earrings, scarves, hats, and/or belts. If you want to take things up a notch even more then consider adding a pair of gloves and sunglasses! Whatever accessories you decide on should match both your clothing choice and the occasion itself—afternoon tea tends to be quite formal so keep that in mind when selecting any items.


When attending an afternoon tea gathering, it’s important not only what kind of food but also what kind of clothing one wears. Dressy casual is usually best; think skirts or dresses with nice blouses for women and khakis with collared shirts (and perhaps sweaters over them) for men. Comfort should also be considered when choosing one’s outfit–nothing too tight or uncomfortable should be worn as it will detract from one’s enjoyment of the experience.

Finally don’t forget about accessorizing wisely–statement accessories such as necklaces, earrings, and other items can help complete one’s look perfectly! With these tips in mind, one will easily find the perfect thing to wear when attending afternoon tea!

How can I choose an outfit that is both comfortable and dressy casual?

When choosing an outfit for a dressy casual occasion, it is important to consider both comfort and style. One of the best ways to achieve this balance is to look for clothes made from natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, which are breathable and soft. In addition, opt for pieces that will keep you comfortable throughout the day, such as shoes that are not too high, pants or skirts that do not constrict your movement, and tops with a looser fit.

Another important factor to consider when choosing an outfit for a dressy casual event is the overall look of your ensemble. In general, it is best to choose outfits that are sleek and polished, but also provide a feminine, modern touch. This can be done by opting for pieces that are made from simple silhouettes, rather than complex or embellished ones.

What are some tips for selecting the perfect accessories for my afternoon tea look?

1. When choosing accessories for an afternoon tea look, it is important to consider both the overall style of your ensemble and the occasion that you are dressing for. To help ensure that your accessory choices complement your outfit, try looking for pieces that are simple and understated, but also add visual interest or texture to your look.

2. Another important factor to consider when selecting your accessories for an afternoon tea look is the overall color palette of your outfit. To create a cohesive and polished appearance, try looking for items that have similar hues or tones to the other pieces in your outfit, such as a neutral-colored hat or pair of earrings.

3. In addition, it is important to pay attention to the details of your accessories, such as the size and shape of jewelry, or the finish and texture of your handbag. This can help ensure that all of the different elements in your outfit come together seamlessly and complement each other perfectly.

4. Finally, when selecting accessories for an afternoon tea look, it is important to consider the overall mood or style of your outfit. For instance, if you are wearing a more formal ensemble that includes heels and a tailored jacket, it may be best to opt for sleek and understated jewelry, such as simple earrings or a pendant necklace. Alternatively, if you are going for a more relaxed and casual vibe, you may want to choose colorful or statement pieces, such as bold earrings or bright patterned shoes.

Can I wear jeans to afternoon tea?

Absolutely! There is no dress code for afternoon tea. While there are certainly more formal occasions where one might want to wear a suit or cocktail dress, an informal event like afternoon tea is the perfect time and place to wear jeans. Many people choose not to wear any shoes at all when they attend an afternoon tea, but that choice is entirely up to you. Most people will want to be at least a little bit dressed up for afternoon tea, but there is no hard and fast rule about how much one should wear, so don’t be shy about wearing jeans if that’s what you prefer.

Can ladies wear trousers for afternoon tea?

There is no definite style of dress that is required for afternoon tea. Many people choose to wear dresses or skirts, but it is also perfectly acceptable to wear trousers or a pair of jeans instead. If you are not sure which style would be best for your particular event, it’s usually a good idea to check with the venue beforehand so that you can be sure to make the right choice. Many afternoon teas are fairly informal events, so dressing in a way that makes you feel comfortable is usually your best bet. Just remember not to wear anything too casual or revealing when attending an afternoon tea!

Can you wear boots to afternoon tea?

It depends on the type of boots you are wearing to afternoon tea, and also on where you’re having your tea. If it’s an elegant affair at a fancy hotel or restaurant, then you will want to make sure that your boots fit in with the decorum of the event. That means something sleek and sophisticated so that you don’t come across as out of place or cheap.

Can you wear jeans to afternoon tea?

No, you typically don’t wear jeans to afternoon tea. This is the dress code for this type of event is usually much more formal and conservative than what would generally wear in your everyday life. In fact, wearing jeans to afternoon tea can seem rude and disrespectful. If there is a special occasion where you know that everyone will be wearing jeans, it is best to check with the host of the event in case there are any special dress code requirements for that particular event.

What kind of shoes do you wear for afternoon tea?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there are many different types of shoes that can be worn for afternoon tea. Some common options include dressy flats, heels, or a nice pair of loafers. When choosing shoes for afternoon tea, it is important to consider the formality and style of the event, as well as what type of clothing you are wearing. Additionally, it is always best to consider the comfort of your shoes, as you will likely be on your feet for several hours at a time during afternoon tea. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your personal style and preference.

What to wear to afternoon tea in winter?

In winter, the most common choice for what to wear to afternoon tea is a dress or skirt paired with some warm tights and a cozy sweater or cardigan. You can also opt for more formal attire such as a dressy skirt suit or elegant coat and scarf. In colder weather, it is usually best to avoid wearing any bare legs, so you may also want to consider wearing some warmer boots or flats. Regardless of the weather, it is always a good idea to dress in layers and bring along a wrap or jacket in case you get cold. Additionally, it is generally recommended to avoid wearing dark colors, as these can make you appear colder than you actually feel.